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Although hardly a commercial success, the album led to the band's recognition by the punk label Burning Heart Records though the same label already had released records of some of the band members' older bandsand in they released the album Survival Sickness.

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"Where's Jolie?" My voice was no longer shaky, but the same couldn't be said for my knees.

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His heart was still pounding.

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Speaking from personal experience, there was a time I thought you could do better than Dirk.

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" I gasped at his fingers on my hip now.

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He continued down to the bottom horizontal ropes and repeated what he had done above.

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They wouldn't be having any sex for quite a while, if you catch my drift.

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But it didn't seem to matter.

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I cried out, my body twisting beneath him while his fingers and thumb sought their goal.

She said he was bringing the meat so I didn't have to worry about picking it up.

A piece of me had been lost, and I wanted it back.

And I'm not just talking about the women.

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