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Asian style living room

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With most of us engrossed in a fast-paced urban lifestyle, it helps immensely when we can come back home to a peaceful abode that allows us to escape this never-ending rush.

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Today, what you will be seeing are living room spaces that have their Chinese touches in them — whether a bit subtle or super bold — take a chance with Asian furniture and design and discover its awesomeness.

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I was happy for her.

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Maybe you'd slept with so many women that they all blurred together, because you surely would have remembered sleeping with someone in a hotel on Halloween a week prior.

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I was so excited to meet them in person.

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Tonight, okay?" I nodded, somehow showing restraint when all I wanted was to hear about this woman.

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Very charming, though.

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My chest shuddered and heaved on my next inhale and exhale, the ropes feeling like they were what was holding my heart and lungs inside me, not my ribcage.

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When Chris had asked if I wanted to earn some extra cash, I hadn't expected it to be like a movie.

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Yes, I'd gotten one of the fulltime promotions at work, which included teaching aerobics twice a week in addition to my front desk and bookkeeping duties.

Drawing strangled groans from him.

Even the smallest bird I'd gotten last year was too much for three of us.

He seemed to be struggling as much as I was.


And then I couldn't stop.

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